With the help of our generous donors, Friends of Sutter’s Fort awarded over $3,000 in grants and fee waivers to schools in 2018-19, providing financial assistance that helped them participate in the Environmental Living (ELP) and Environmental Studies (ESP) programs at Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park (SHP).

We hope to expand this program for the 2019-20 season to include helping schools with transportation costs related to these two programs.

Applications for the fee waiver and grant program are now open and are available to any teacher planning to participate in the 2019-20 ELP or ESP programs at Sutter’s Fort SHP. 

Donors to our Environmental Living Grant Program help create lifelong memories for students that deepen their understanding of California history through hands-on learning activities.

For more information on becoming an Environmental Living Grant Program donor, please contact Linsey Fredenburg Humes at linsey@suttersfort.org or make a donation here