Grants recently awarded by Friends of Sutter’s Fort in partnership with the San Juan Education Foundation will help more than 430 students visit Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park (SHP) this year.

We are thrilled to help teachers in the San Juan Unified School District participate in the brand new School Tour Program and newly realigned Environmental Living/Studies Programs at Sutter’s Fort SHP. Together with the San Juan Education Foundation we will help provide funding to cover the primary expenses of field trips to Sutter’s Fort which are typically transportation funding and program fees. The San Juan Education Foundation, founded in 1991, supports and advances excellent education for all students in San Juan Unified. Creating connections, inspiring collaboration, and cultivating community, they provide direct support through Direct-to-Teacher Grants and a broad scholarship portfolio.

Classrooms receiving funding will also be encouraged to tour the State Indian Museum during their visit.

We are particularly excited to provide these grant awards this year to teachers who will be taking students to Sutter’s Fort SHP and the California State Indian Museum for the first time. This funding will also help classrooms who will be visiting for the first time since the pandemic began 3 years ago.

Identifying opportunities to connect students with the educational programs at Sutter’s Fort SHP is a key goal for us at Friends of Sutter’s Fort.

As the nonprofit, 501c3 cooperating association for Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park, we work year-round to break down financial barriers that may otherwise prevent schools from participating in field trips, primarily by providing grants and supplies to classrooms. Our burgeoning partnership with the San Juan Education Foundation offers greater access to San Juan Unified teachers, grant program cost-sharing, and increased visibility. We also work to raise awareness of educational programs at Sutter’s Fort SHP and share ways to access park programs.

Gifts made by our generous donors to our Field Trip Funds are the primary way that we are able to fund field trips. A Park Improvement Grant received from California State Parks Foundation earlier this year has allowed us to expand our grant program to reach additional teachers.

To help provide future field trips for students, please make a donation or become a member.