Yoga at Sutter’s Fort with Yoga Moves Us

Saturday, September 14th
6PM to 7PM

Friends of Sutter’s Fort celebrates the return of Friday Flow at Sutter’s Fort a series of free health and wellness activities, aimed at encouraging an active and mindful lifestyle, which is critical to the health of our community. These events are hosted by our friends at Midtown Parks.

Workouts are open to all ages and fitness levels! No registration is necessary. Check out the class description before you go to determine if you need to bring any exercise materials, like a yoga mat.

Ease into the weekend with yoga led by Yoga Moves Us every Friday evening through September at Sutter’s Fort SHP.

Yoga features gentle movements and breathing techniques to focus on alignment and balance. Class attendees should bring a mat and a water bottle.

These outdoor activities are examples of ways Midtown Parks supports the well-being of the community by creating centrally located public spaces designed to provide opportunities for recreation and leisure and to build relationships with neighbors. Thank you Midtown Parks!

people in yoga poses on mats in the grass. Tree branches shade individuals. A bike is in the forefront.