School Tour Program at Sutter's Fort

Hour Long School Tour Program

Teachers and Students can experience guided tour programs at Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park. Interactive stations enhance the learning experience. 

Calling all elementary school educators! Embark on an engaging and educational journey with the Sutter’s Fort School Tour Program, a 1-hour staff-guided tour designed for K-12 school groups. This immersive experience will enrich your students’ understanding of the 1840s trades that shaped the history of Sutter’s Fort and California. Students will explore the lasting impacts that these trades had on California’s environment as well as on the Native Peoples of the Sacramento Valley whose labor was central to the history of the Fort. Additionally, students are introduced to some of the significant events and themes in California history that are connected to this place.

Program Highlights:

Interactive Exploration: California State Parks staff and enthusiastic volunteers will take students on a guided adventure through three interactive stations. Delve into the pivotal trades that sustained Sutter’s Fort during the 1840s.

Environmental Insights: Discover the far-reaching impacts of these trades on California’s environment. Explore how historical trades intersect with ecological understanding and preservation.

Cultural Context: Uncover the integral role of Native Peoples in the Sacramento Valley whose labor was intertwined with the history of the Fort.  

Connecting History: Journey through significant events in California’s past and witness the direct connections to Sutter’s Fort.

Program Details

Dates: From February 2 to May 31, 2024

Days and Times: Available every 30 minutes on Wednesdays and Fridays

Affordable Rates: Just $5 per person

Registration Information: Starting September 16, 2023, teachers can secure your field trip by visiting ReserveCalifornia.

Capacity: Each time slot accommodates up to 35 individuals, ensuring an engaging experience for all.

Grade Levels: This program is designed for 3rd to 6th graders but all grades are welcome. 

Booking Information
Ready to make history come alive for your students? To reserve your spot or learn more about the Sutter’s Fort School Tour Program, contact ReserveCalifornia at (866) 240-4655. Ignite your students’ curiosity and create lasting memories with an immersive educational experience they’ll cherish.

For additional questions about this program, please contact Angela Howell at (916) 445-3755 or

Financial Assistance

Friends of Sutter’s Fort is proud of our longstanding support for students at Sutter’s Fort SHP. Our school grant programs provide financial assistance to overcome barriers that would overwise prevent them from taking students to Sutter’s Fort SHP.

All grant funding for the 2023-2024 school year has been allocated. Teachers must apply no later than 60 days prior to their participation in the new guided School Tour Program. Awards will be provided on a competitive basis, as funding allows. Awards may be used to pay for program fees and/or transportation costs.

Friends of Sutter’s Fort strongly recommends that schools seeking financial assistance also incorporate a free school visit to the California State Indian Museum during their field trip, as the museum is adjacent to Sutter’s Fort SHP.

Financial assistance programs offered by Friends of Sutter’s Fort are made possible by generous donors.  Please donate to help our ongoing efforts and make sure every school who wants to visit, can visit Sutter’s Fort SHP.

Learn more about our financial assistance programs.